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The Personal ROSHI,  the "NeuroDynamic Activator®" - the new Doubly Complex pROSHI2+,  implements an Optimized Operant Conditioning technique, via a proprietary complex photo and magstim methodology that emulates "brain language"; unique, in neuroscience.

The fundamental goal, of the pROSHI, is to aid the brain operator, in stabilizing the brain/mind interface and to bring them to rest, by improving the brain's system 'Phase Tracking' and 'Impulse Response'; as the brain relearns to manage and optimize its flexible blood profusion capabilities.

For the athlete, we train for strength, flexibility and endurance. For the brain, we train for strength, plasticity and endurance.
With the pROSHI, we're training for whole brain phase coherence, strength, flexibility and endurance; implementing the brain's own innate Non-Linear Dynamics, providing one the most excellent and optimized starting points, for any neurotherapeutic modality.

Of course, the road to that goal, of quieting the 'background noise' of the brain, can be awfully tuff, but the pROSHI is designed to help guide one there, by tapping into the Singularity or the Zero Point Field, of the mind, the Source of all Healing, better than any other device known, since the teachings of the Mantra, the earliest known method, of tapping into the reorganizing and relaxation power of the brain/mind interface.

One can think of the Personal ROSHI as a personal "NeuroMantra", as the brain will 'tailor' itself to it ... returning to its Natural, fully Phase Coherent Ground State, of Health.

To the mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders.                                                            -Lao Tsu

Chuck Davis, ROSHI Corporation 


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